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Have Your Veterans Benefits Been Denied?

If you served in WWII, Korea, Vietnam, the Gulf War or the Iraq/Afghanistan Wars, and have had your claim for benefits denied, then we want to talk with you!

It's a shame when brave men and women, who served their country with honor are met with obstacle after obstacle when it comes time to pay them the benefits they deserve. And if you've tried to get answers or resolutions with the Veterans Administration or the government, you know the process can be a bureaucratic nightmare. Ongoing delays and frustrating referrals from one department to another are all too common.

You need a veteran lawyer on your side...

  • Someone who understands the way the system works
  • Someone who knows how to file the right forms...
  • An experienced lawyer who can thoroughly research your case...
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How I Can Help You

Attorney William Haynes has been a practicing attorney since 1971 and no stranger to bureaucracies. During his career he has helped countless clients with their claims for benefits from Social Security or Unemployment Compensation. In short, we know what these agencies look for and how to get results that benefit our clients.

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